Based on SQL, the centralized content library provides ultimate flexibility to satisfy the needs of every type of radio station and make assets available at all times.

Designed for convergence, the library stores all types of multimedia content, including audio, video, images, metadata, rundowns and more.

Unlimited contextual metadata fields, configurable by type of content and users, store a wide variety of information including broadcast rights, music scheduling rules, associated pictures and more. Specific metadata fields can be configured to support your precise distribution needs.

Once ingested, content is immediately indexed and searchable. Powerful search capabilities including keyword search and template search profiles allow users to easily find content.


WinMedia offers fast-paced ingest and production tools that simplify users’ jobs. Designed for convergence, they allow users to ingest and produce content for Radio, TV, Web and mobile in a single system.

Ingest and Record

WinProd offers a vast array of ingest tools to import content from various sources and formats. Whether automatically or manually, all content is ingested, indexed and made immediately available in the content catalog.

  • Voice
  • Phone
  • Live feeds
  • Memory cards
  • CDs
  • FTP
  • MDs

Multi-track editing

Versatile and easy-to-use, our real-time multi-track editor offers up to eight audio tracks. It manages all usual file formats and features a vast array of functionalities that will cover the needs of novice and expert users alike.

Easy-to-use, this non-destructive editor gives journalists the edge for editing fast-breaking news with functions such as trim, cut, copy or paste and automatic silence remover. Intuitive drag & drops further accelerate the editing process.

DJs can exercise their creativity with more advanced capabilities including fade-ins, fade-outs, normalize, auto trim, stretch and more. They will also appreciate extras like the possibility to export to third-party editing software such as Audacity, Audition or ProTools.

Segue and Voice Track

Our mix editor lets you manage your sequencings in no time. Quickly adjust volume, setup your fades, start/end/hook and loop points, intro/outro times, and insert voice-tracks for a lively broadcast.

Tight integration with NLEs

For more complex video editing, WinProd brings craft editors directly into the production workflow. Thanks to a direct link to third-party NLEs such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, collaboration is improved and users can work together, on the same content.


Playlist management

WinMusic automatically generates playlists based on predefined templates, music and ad scheduling. Additional items can be inserted in playlists using simple drag & drops, mixes can be refined and voice-tracks recorded. Additional features such as automatic filling, stretch, and pre-listening give you all the flexibility you need to fine-tune your playlists.

Ideal for networks, WinMedia lets you easily setup local news or advertising breaks.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, radio stations are constantly pressured to adapt to changing market conditions and to the way people consume radio. With an always-increasing number of media platforms, broadcasters need to rely on solutions that can scale up and branch out to include the latest technologies.
WinMedia facilitates fast content delivery to multiple devices.


For small to large-scale organizations, an accessible archive is essential to extend the reach of content through easy and fast repurposing on multiple devices. WinMedia offers a flexible solution, which manages all type of multimedia content, including audio, video and more. Seamless integrations with third-party systems provide control over digital tape libraries and make all your content easily available and findable from any location.


WinMedia offers system operators and administrators comprehensive tools for monitoring and managing the performance of their system. A wide array of features facilitates:

  • User rights management
  • Multi-language management
  • Purge
  • Monitoring