News broadcasts are high-pressure events where time is of the essence. Broadcasters need to rely on efficient tools that provide flexibility, time savings, collaboration and outstanding efficiency.

WinMam is a fully integrated NRCS solution, which enables broadcasters to produce more news for an ever-growing number of platforms by managing end-to-end TV, radio and digital news production in a single system. WinMam covers all the needs of a newsroom, from wire ingest, job assignment, scripting to scheduling.

Expand Your Newsroom To The World

WinMam allows chief editors to create intuitive task lists for journalists to receive job assignments along with valuable information such as descriptions, associated wires, linked media and more.

Planning & Assignment

Directly connected to the central database, WinMam News provides journalists with all the tools they need to work anywhere, anytime and create compelling, timely newscasts live from the scene. This Web 2.0 platform extends newsroom functionalities to the field while fostering collaboration.

Wire Scripting

Our full-featured script editor ensures your stories will be ready to air in record time. By simple drag and drops, journalists select a story from a wire service, instantly start to rewrite or edit it and embed as many video clips as necessary.

Convenient tools such as time calculation, multiple screen layouts and more make newscast creation quick and intuitive.

Rundown Management

From a single user interface, chief editors model their timetable with program slots for a given period, insert scripts or blocks and manage timings. Stories are easily inserted into rundowns with simple drag & drops pending chief editors’ validation. Bi-directional updates between playlists and rundowns provide the flexibility needed in live broadcast and allows for last minute contribution from the newsroom.


Seamless interoperability is a significant requirement, which is essential for prompting systems. Our integrated news prompter is powerful and user-friendly. Configurable display options, such as text speed, size, color and font type, add to its versatility while forward, stop and reverse scrolling buttons offer easy and smooth control.