Win-OMT to unveil TV Playout at NAB 2018

Visit us @ NAB 2018 in the Win-OMT Software Booth

At the core of WinMedia solutions is a robust and complete TV Playout system, which unifies the content chain by expertly managing assets and efficiently covers every aspect of the production and delivery chain including scheduling and advertising.

By incorporating fully integrated tools, Win-OMT solutions deliver end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific requirements of TV.

At NAB 2018, Win-OMT Software will also be highlighting its productivity-enhancing modules including:

  • News : NewsRoom System (NRCS),
  • Sales : Contact Booking and Billing (CRM),
  • Traffic : Ads Traffic and broadcast report,
  • Music : Show and Music Scheduling,
  • Playout : Reliable and flexible On-Air tool,
  • Logger : Record and archive,
  • Publish : Multi-platform delivery to Web, Delivery content for social networks, satellite, IPTV, OTT, and more

WinLogger could be also show to you with :

  • Recorder local and central site,
  • Scheduler with EPG,
  • Editor for extract and analysis,
  • Scan with finger printing,
  • Speech to text with 4 languages or more,
  • Report and export data,
  • Web Player for monitoring or transcription.


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