Booking, revenue management and billing are critical to your business operations. In today’s challenging environment, we offer you a solution that will help you drive your organization to be more efficient and effective and enable you to easily add new revenue streams. Fully-integrated with WinMedia, Sales streamlines Booking and Billing operations by providing real-time online, tailor-made customer relationship management and a wide range of planning, management, billing and reporting options.


WinSales Presentation

WinMedia “Sales” allows broadcasters to manage multiple stations and channels, as well as multiple media including TV, Radio, Media networks, Internet banners, smartphone Apps and tablet Apps from a single Central system.


The Directory module provide about your coworkers and ensures your team has acess, wherever they are.

  • Position
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Birthday


WinMedia Sales diary management module helps your staff improve efficiency, never miss an appointment, minimize wasted time and reduce overall costs. No matter how chaotic your schedule gets, it organizes appointments, people, tasks, and more – all in one place. So you can keep track of meetings, important deadlines and manage your whole team’s schedule.

  • Stay on top of your schedule anytime, anywhere
  • Share calendars with your team
  • Connect people, notes and more to your appointments
  • Follow trade actions and proposals
  • Easy to use, full drag & drop
  • Event organization per category (external, phone, etc.)
  • Automatic reminders sent by email prior to meetings
  • Remote diary access on mobile devices


WinMedia “Sales” provides a comprehensive solution to monetize audiences across platforms, with the tools and visibility to strategically drive revenue growth. It streamlines the sales process by enabling account managers to create proposals quickly and efficiently while offering sales management better insight on pending proposals.

  • Empower your sales staff with real-time online booking from anywhere on any device – tablets, smartphones, PC or Mac – from a simple web browser
  • Maximize revenue by optimizing available airtime and through our powerful Yield Management algorithm, which calculates pricing in real-time
  • Combine rate cards or use separate rate cards for each station / channel and minimize errors through automatic calculation
  • Contracts can be managed on multiple channels, multiple screens and in multiple currencies
  • Advanced discount management (per quantity, per sales levels, and more)
  • Optimized spot placement and positioning with price adjustment
  • Run seamless campaigns covering commercials, promotions, sponsorship, online and more
  • Choose from a variety of quote formats
  • Directly send your quotes by email
  • Eliminate contract approval bottlenecks
  • Automatic transfer into the WinMedia traffic Ads upon client’s approval
  • View approved and pending proposals at a glance


You have clients to manage, communication to track for each client, appointments to schedule, follow up calls to make, tasks to finish, and deals to win. Our WinSales CRM module helps you keep it all together by keeping it all together. It gives you a 360-degree view of your complete sales cycle and pipeline and allows you to see at a glance all campaigns ordered and pending.

  • Track pending proposals
  • View complete customer history
  • Organize your customers’ base (strategic, standard, etc.)
  • Follow generated and forecasted revenue per customer
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Save time and improve productivity


WinMedia Sales gives you the edge to efficiently manage your Studio and clients’ commercial production orders. It allows you to easily and efficiently interact with your production studios and lets your customers listen and validate produced commercials.

  • Easily send production orders to the studio of your choice
  • Receive alerts on your order status (transferred, taken into account by the studio, ready for approval, etc.)
  • Interact with studios and customers
  • Listen or download produced commercial for approval
  • View all pending orders and deadlines


WinMedia Sales gives you the edge to conduct competitive analysis and detect business opportunities. Keep track of all advertising campaigns done by advertisers on multiple media (newspapers, posters, radio, TV, Internet, and more).


WinMedia “Sales” invoicing module allows you to quickly see which campaigns need to be invoiced and to generate a single invoice or multiple invoices per campaign, and statements at the click of a button. It automatically retrieves campaign and customer information to eliminate the need to duplicate entries and thus drastically reduce errors.

  • Real-time reconciliation for accurate billing
  • Payment terms and credit management capabilities
  • Wide range of invoicing options – down-payment, interim, global, credit notes, balance statement, marketing exchange, and more
  • Dunning management
  • Bank reconciliation management
  • Sending of invoices by e-mail
  • Easy export to accounting systems in CSV format


WinMedia Sales delivers complete visibility and assist ads agencies and broadcasters to make better decisions thanks to a wide set of easy-to-understand, customizable, real-time reports on inventory, revenue, pacing, projected revenue, and more. This in-depth monitoring and reporting across business operations enables media executives and station managers to identify new business opportunities, improve pricing strategy, increase forecasting accuracy and improve operational efficiencies.

  • Monitor your sales teams performance
  • Analyze prices per second
  • Compare average revenues per customer
  • Monitor conversion rates
  • Get a clear view on commercial actions and success rates


Thanks to comprehensive management tools, WinMedia Sales allows administrators to centrally manage all aspects of the system such as user and access rights or language preferences.

Highly flexible, Sales lets you customize:

  • Types of sales actions (meetings, phone calls, e-mailings, etc.)
  • Calendar preferences
  • Price lists
  • Discount rates (per volume, per generated revenue, and more)
  • Maximum number of spots allowed per advertiser, per day or per hour
  • Yield management parameters
  • Sponsorship rules
  • Advertisers’ activity sectors
  • Production studios’ preferences (technical costs, etc.)
  • VAT rates cumulate or cascade
  • Payment methods
  • Dunning criteria
  • Banking information