WinMedia provides Media Conseil with a Powerful Solution for Advertising Monitoring

The customer

Media Conseil is a media agency specialized in information monitoring. The company, based in the French Indies, provides a wide range of services including the purchase of advertising space, advertising scheduling, advertising investment and sponsorship monitoring, information tracking for brands, companies, politicians, influential personality, and more.

The challenge

In order to easily provide its customers with evidence that commercials were properly broadcasted and gather all TV and radio content to conduct in-depth information monitoring, Media Conseil needs to rely on a versatile solution able to not only log content but also to streamline operations through advanced recognition tools.

The solution

A total of 10 WinLogger workstations have been deployed: 2 in Dominican Republic, 2 in French Guyana, 2 in Reunion Island, 2 in Martinique and 2 in Guadeloupe. Each workstation, on each location, is dedicated to monitoring audio or video feeds.

On one hand, the WinLogger solution collects all advertising spots and allows Media Conseil to schedule on which channel and at what time they should be broadcasted. Advanced reconciliation capabilities ensure proper scheduling of all advertising campaigns.

On the other hand, in each remote site, WinLogger automatically records various TV channels and radio stations 24/7. The system automatically segments recorded files and sends them to the main database in Guadeloupe, where video and audio recognition processes are centralized.