WinLogger at the Heart of the French Parliament

The Customer

The French Parliament is the bicameral legislature of the French Republic, consisting of the Senate and the National Assembly. Each assembly conducts legislative sessions at a separate location in Paris: the Palais du Luxembourg for the Senate and the Palais Bourbon for the National Assembly.

The Challenge

The French Parliament needs to record and keep track of all parliamentary sessions, as well as archive them for future reference. Audio content has to be easily accessible, at all times, for transcription and sharing needs.

The solution

In 2001, WinMedia installed two WinLogger full-featured solutions: one at the National Assembly and one at the French Senate.

WinLogger automatically records all audio feeds upon signal recognition and saves content on a centralized server. Thanks to advanced scenarios, content is automatically sent to transcribers’ desktops.

Boasting powerful content repurposing capabilities, WinLogger ensures the French Parliament fast and easy content sharing on DVD, Internet and FTP.