Transform Your Broadcasting Workflow with WinMedia Suite

In the ever-evolving world of broadcast media, staying ahead means embracing solutions that not only meet today’s demands but also anticipate tomorrow’s challenges. At WinMedia, we understand this deeply. Our mission? To empower broadcasters, whether radio or TV, with an all-encompassing, streamlined solution.

Welcome to Booth W3733 at NAB SHOW 2024

Join us at Booth W3733, where we’re excited to showcase the latest advancements in our WinMedia Suite. This isn’t just an invitation to view our software; it’s an opportunity to explore a future where your workflow is unified, efficient, and boundlessly creative.

Your Needs, Our DNA

Our suite is designed with your dynamic needs in mind. From radio broadcasters expanding into visual content for social networks, to TV channels seeking an all-in-one software solution, WinMedia Suite is your partner in innovation. Our software offers a comprehensive ecosystem, powered by a unified database, to enhance every facet of your production and broadcast process.

Features That Revolutionize Broadcasting

– Unified Content Chain Management : Seamlessly integrate asset management across production and delivery, ensuring your content is always ready for the spotlight.
– All-in-One Production and Playout System : From production, ingestion, and contract management, to show and music scheduling with sophisticated rules, WinMedia Suite covers every base.
– Advanced Advertising and Sponsoring Solutions : Elevate your revenue streams with our intuitive advertising trafficking system, including spot management and sponsorship opportunities.
– Efficient Playlist Creation : Compile complete playlists for linear broadcasts or replays with unparalleled ease, ensuring your audience enjoys high-quality content whenever they tune in.
– Digital Publishing Mastery : Extend your reach beyond traditional broadcasting with tools for publishing content on your website and across app stores, including Apple and Google.

Discover the Future of Broadcasting with WinMedia Suite

At WinMedia, we’re not just providing a software solution; we’re offering a pathway to transform your broadcasting capabilities. Our comprehensive suite ensures that your operations are streamlined, your content is captivating, and your audience engagement is unmatched.

Visit us at Booth W3733 to experience the future of broadcast workflow solutions. Let’s redefine broadcasting excellence, together.

WinMedia New version 18.3

We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of WinMedia software, which brings a host of powerful new features designed to enhance your broadcasting experience. This update is packed with innovations and improvements, including:

• Enhanced Editor: Experience the capabilities of our brand new editor, which is more powerful than ever. Tailored for efficiency and precision, this upgrade allows for smoother editing workflows and faster production times.
• Contract Management Module: Simplify your content acquisition process with our new contract management feature. This tool is designed specifically for TV stations to streamline the management of content buying, from negotiation to compliance.
• Revamped Ingest Scheduling Interface: Introducing a completely redesigned interface for scheduling your ingest activities. This intuitive new layout ensures easier access and better control, helping you manage your assets effectively.

These updates are just a part of what the new version of WinMedia has to offer. Our commitment to improving user experience and functionality continues to drive our innovations. We are confident these enhancements will help you achieve more streamlined operations and a higher production value.

WinSales 4.3

We are thrilled to unveil the latest update to WinSales, which introduces several groundbreaking features designed to streamline your sales and billing processes. This new version enhances functionality and integrates additional tools to help you manage sales more effectively:

• Microsoft 365 Integration: Stay connected and sync seamlessly with Microsoft 365 for agenda and email functionalities. This integration ensures that your communications and schedules are always up-to-date, directly within WinSales.
• Custom Document Designer: Gain the freedom to create your own documents with our new design tool. This feature allows for personalized, professional document layouts that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.
• Enhanced Billing System: Our upgraded billing system now supports a wider variety of invoicing methods, making it easier to accommodate different billing scenarios and client preferences. Experience flexibility like never before, ensuring smoother transactions and improved financial operations.

These enhancements are just a few highlights of what the new version of WinSales has to offer. Our ongoing commitment to innovation and user-friendly solutions continues to guide our development, ensuring that each update provides significant value to your business.

WinCam New version 2.5

We are excited to announce a significant update to WinCam, packed with advanced features that enhance camera management and video production capabilities. This new release introduces powerful tools designed to optimize your broadcasting and production workflows:

• Real-Time Camera Monitoring: Now, monitor your cameras in real-time and create angle and zoom presets for each PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera. This feature ensures precise framing and enhances the quality of your visual output.
• Multi-Screen Management Tool: Elevate your production with our new tool that manages multi-screen setups, allowing two to four individuals to appear and be split on the same screen. This is perfect for discussions, interviews, and panels, providing a dynamic viewing experience.
• Auto-Tracking for Each Camera: Introducing auto-tracking for each camera, which automatically adjusts to keep your guests perfectly positioned within the frame throughout the broadcast. This innovative feature reduces the need for manual adjustments and ensures your subjects are always in focus.

These new features are just a part of what the latest version of WinCam has to offer. Our commitment to enhancing the capabilities of our users drives our continuous development, and we believe these enhancements will greatly improve your production quality and efficiency.

WinMam 3.10

We’re excited to unveil the latest version of WinMam, which brings a host of innovative features designed to enhance the flexibility and capabilities of producers and journalists alike. This update significantly expands the functionality of our media asset management system, making it more powerful and versatile:

• Web-Based Editor: Introducing a state-of-the-art web-based editor for producers and journalists. This robust tool offers all the capabilities of the best audio editors, including a wide range of effects. Now, you can produce high-quality audio content directly from your web browser on any device.
• Enhanced Program Modification Tools: We’ve made it easier than ever to modify your programs with tools that mirror the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality found in WinMedia. Adjust your content flow on the fly, add or remove elements, and tailor your broadcasts to meet dynamic programming needs.
• Upgraded Cartridge System: Boost your remote broadcasting capabilities with our enhanced Cartridge system. This upgrade allows you to perform remote shows and access the content of your library from anywhere, ensuring that your team can operate efficiently and without geographic constraints.

These new features are just a part of what the latest version of WinMam has to offer. Our commitment to enhancing user experience and broadening the capabilities of our software drives our innovation, ensuring that every update provides significant value and advancements in media asset management.

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