Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)

Dear Customer, Dear Partner,

Following the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) Win-Group has activated its Business Continuity Plan.

As of 2020 and 2021

  • Our team is 2/3 on remote;
  • WinMedia office is open;
  • The technical team remains available 24/7 in case of outage. For technical information, please contact:
  • Win-Group helps you to meet your teams’ home working

There are several teleworking solutions, all our maintenance clients already have the remote access tool installed, however the client software after several uses an alert will ask you for a subscription.

There is an alternative solution that does not break any accounting problem with our applications:

You can also use a VPN solution to access the station server data remotely, (Transfer) or with our web based solution (WinMam) however you will need to configure your internet router.

Finally, we do not recommend using the RDP (remote desktop access) solution because it is improperly configured, this tool will deactivate the sound cards of your broadcasting computer.

In all cases understand that these tools are not the responsibility of our service and for support to configure we could make you a quotation.

Sales account managers are available by mail and phone. Business travels and restricted and face to face meetings are all postponed.

For administrative, accounting and commercial request, please contact:

The business continuity team monitors the situation and has taken the necessary measures. We are confident in our ability to get through this exceptional crisis together.

Best regards,                                                                                        Stephane Tesoriere