WinMedia allows BBlack TV to take full benefits of IP technology and to enhance production efficiency and multiplatform distribution.

BBlack TV, has chosen WinMedia one of the World’s leading service provider of managed content preparation, playout and multi-platform delivery services, as the technology suppliers for its multiscreen IPTV service.

Operating musical TV channels from its production centers in Brussels and Paris, BBlack TV employs WinMedia’s end-to-end TV solution to automate, streamline and unify all of the broadcaster’s media acquisition, production, planning, traffic and on-air operations under one single advanced MAM platform.  A system installed in Brussels allows BBlack TV to ingest and produce content for two channels, while a second system installed in Paris, and sharing the same database, allows it to ingest and produce content for two additional channels. Once content is ready to air, WinMedia’s advanced Transfer module sends playlists and attached media and metadata to WinMedia’s highly-reliable Playout platform, premises. A secondary Playout system offers complete redundancy, thus ensuring optimum security.

Including an industry-leading MAM system to streamline workflows and automate day-to-day operations, a state-of-the-art transcode farm to offer best-in-class image processing and advanced 7/7 feeds’ monitoring, the dedicated platform retrieves the signal from WinMedia’s On-Air module and ensures seamless delivery to a wide range of IPTV providers, and satellite.

As it combines in a single platform all our production and planning needs, WinMedia solution really helped us streamline our IP operations in our multi-site environment” declared Sébastien Gadjard, CEO at BBlack International. ”And allows us to achieve the best-possible quality and bandwidth efficiency, we get the perfect combination. To be able to roll out such demanding projects within a few months requires experienced partners and a solid, scalable infrastructure – and this is exactly what WinMedia provide.

BBlack TV is an ideal example of a modern broadcaster managing the transformation to full IP services,” said Stéphane Tésorière, CEO at Win-Group. “We are proud that our advanced solution allowed them to reach their goal and very happy that this project provided the basis for a strong collaboration between WinMedia and BBlack.