OMPI Selects WinLogger for Sessions Recording

The Customer

EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, is the world’s leading alliance of public service media (PSM). Its 73 members in 56 countries in Europe, and an additional 34 associates in Asia, Africa and the Americas, operate over 1,800 television and radio channels together with numerous online platforms.

EBU aims to distribute and produce top-quality live news, sport, entertainment, culture and music content and to enhance public service radio with music and news exchanges, professional networking, and by promoting digital and hybrid radio.

The Challenge

In order to manage all exchanges of TV and radio content between its members, EBU needs to implement an efficient solution able to seamlessly record all content and make it immediately available for transcription and delivery.

The solution

In 2007, WinMedia installed a complete WinLogger solution at EBU.

Thanks to its open architecture offering deep integration with third-party equipment, WinLogger records all sessions using Bosch’s DCN multimedia conference system.

Ideal for simultaneous translation into several languages, WinLogger automatically sends the right content to the right transcription workstation thanks to advanced and automated scenarios.