WinMedia Streamlines Pushes The Limits of Media Convergence for Millennium

The customer

Millennium is a private media company based in Switzerland and which broadcasts news and entertainment programs and markets its advertising space itself through a powerful advertising department. M Le Media provides multimedia services and operates:

  • A TV channel
  • 1 radio stations – DAB+ based in Lausanne

The challenge

To launch its TV channel in 2023, Millennium wants to rely on an end-to-end solution able to:

  • Cover every aspect of the production and delivery chain, including advertising management, graphics insertion, multi-platform delivery (VOD, cable operators, and more)
  • Accelerate and automate delivery, especially for VOD
  • Promote collaboration in a multi-site environment made of 3 regional centers

After the successful launch of its TV channel, Millennium decides once again to call upon WinMedia’s solutions and expertise to replace its aging radio automation software and thus benefit from the many advantages of media convergence.

The solution

For Millennium, WinMedia designed a complete system based on its flagship solution WinMedia TV. The installation in Lausanne features:

  • 1 secured Media Asset Management platform containing all files and metadata
  • 3 production workstations to manage ingest, production and scheduling
  • 1 fully redundant On-Air workstation
  • 1 logging workstation
  • 1 workstation to manage encoding and automatic delivery of VOD content

Advertising management is ensured by WinSales, which allows Millennium Group to centralize onto a single system all its advertising operations – for its TV, radio and web activities – in a second center. Highly scalable, this enterprise-wide solution allows the broadcaster to streamline booking and billing operations by providing real-time online booking, tailor-made customer relationship management and a wide range of planning, management, billing and reporting options. After WinSales has scheduled advertising breaks, they are automatically sent via VPN to the different regional centers for immediate insertion in the TV, radio or web radio playlists.

The installation for M le Media in Lausanne includes:

  • 1 server
  • 5 production workstations
  • 1 planning workstation
  • 2 fully redundant On-Air workstation
  • 1 logging workstation, which ensures 24/7 recordings and automatic podcasts extraction and delivery on the broadcaster’s website


“WinMedia allows us to smoothly operate our TV and radio stations, as well as our web radios, all within a single system. The solution is highly flexible and it enabled us to implement an efficient organization between our operational center, without having to worry about the technical aspects. Exchanges between remote sites are seamless and it helped us meet our productivity goals head on.”