Since the beginning, the evolution and development of our broadcast solutions and services have always been based on my vision, experience and aspirations as a radio and TV owner in the broadcast industry.

Central to our business philosophy, our dedication to respond to our customers and partners’ feedbacks enables us to continuously innovate and keep abreast of technological advancements in the industry. With unrivaled customer focus, our quality assurance policy illustrates our capability, as a reliable service provider, to contribute to the success of your business:

• ISO 9001.2008 certification for the development, installation and after-sales support on our software
• Responsiveness and capability to innovate when a new market demand is uncovered
• Constant innovation to maintain our customers’ competitive edge

For the last eight years, our focus remained on the radio market, enhancing product quality and developing new features. Our attention has now been extended to the television market with the development of a cross media platform, designed in accordance with our relevant experience in the industry.

Our web-based tools, WinSales, WinMam and WinNews, linked to the central database of WinMedia, are very avanced. All media resources are easily accessible to users in real-time, anytime and anywhere – even outside in 3G!

WinMedia’s birth and subsequent growth has been made possible thanks to the deep commitment and efforts of the team we built throughout the years. The story started with the first version of WinRadio and WinLogger software, written by our first two developers, Philippe Castell and Stephane Giacone.

Our customer support team, spearheaded by Christophe Le Kouidec, travels around the world to share our experience and to help our customers gain maximum value from their WinMedia products.

Our Administration and Finance Team Hugues and Tiffanie, meticulously manages the accounting and sales process, adhering to industry best practices.

The After Sales is manage by Sophia, that permits all the following of the sales made by the team.

Win-Group Software started its international sales adventure with the opening in 2003 of its North American office headed by Francois Beaumier. This was followed by the opening of an Asia-Pacific office in Singapore in 2007.

In 2017, the group acquired OMT, which allowed it to access the US market, and to have a team of professionals able to support this market at the technical and commercial level

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We look forward to making your business grow!

Stéphane Tésorière, Win-Group Software CEO & President



Stéphane Tésorière

President / CEO

Philippe Castell


Christophe Le Kouidec


Sophie Haddadou

Back OFfice Manager

Jerome Lacqua

Marketing Manager

Francois Beaumier

Director Canada and Latin

Greg Boyd

CEO America

Cedric Seguin

Director Asia


Win-Group Software is also a Member of different Association of Broadcasters, which gathers some of the leading broadcast equipment manufacturers.