WinMedia FAQs

Yes, WinMedia can work in 25 languages ​​including Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Indie, and Thai.

Currently we are using Windows 10 and we will be releasing version 20 next year with cross-platform support.

Our team of installation and training specialists drives by one of our project manager will work with you on every steps and take care of you to be ready for your deadline.

The last version of the software are based on the latest operating systems, so we need that your computers meets the minimum technical specifications.

Any device that appears into the operating system will be able to be use as an audio card into the WinMedia. If you need several output and input we recommend the Digigram or Audioscience Card. If you use Audio Over Ip, you could use any of the broadcast technologie, including Wheatstone, Axia, Dante, Ravena.

For the video, we support any Blackmagic Card and for Video Over Ip, the NDI is the protocol we recommend.

WinMedia no need any device to play directly in RTMP or Transport stream video, so you can run stand-alone in a computer or into a virtual machine in the Cloud.

The entire software could be design with the colors you want, you have light and dark theme.

We offer 24/7/365 support with 3 offices around the world.

We support any kind of audio or video files, we have also the quality check of the file when you import. The trim and normalization to full scale or R128 are embedded.

Yes. WinMedia is build to have as many stations you want, the user management very strong allows you to give access to the playlist or content designed with what they only have to see.

Yes, WinMedia is build to run into a small and large network, the way how we build the database is unique and permits you to be on ethernet, internet or local path.

We have a very large possibility of pricing, based on a licence per computer, starting from 30 USD per month. We offer also buyout option in LBO.

The WinMedia suite is the most complete software suite of the market, and coverage all needs of the station, from the ingest, production, scheduling, traffic, Playout, logger, to the publish to internet.