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A technical support person that have It and broadcast knowledge
(Laval / Canada)


  1. Primary Mission:
    • Conduct pre-sales presentations for potential clients, both on-site and remotely.
    • Prepare equipment for deployment at client locations.
    • Configure, install, and manage deployment projects for clients.
    • Provide remote or on-site client training and support.
    • Offer follow-up assistance to previously installed clients.
    • Support a select number of premium clients, especially during high hotline demand.
  2. Description of Key Activities and Responsibilities:
    • Collaborate with the technical manager to draft user documentation.
    • Publish FAQs online.
    • Prepare and configure computer hardware.
    • Install and analyze configurations at client sites.
    • Conduct client training on software usage.
    • Set up demo versions and present to potential clients.
    • Draft installation procedures.
    • Ensure compliance and validate installations.
    • Prepare and install computers for client delivery.
    • Configure computer systems and WinMedia software suite.
    • Installation and configuration at client sites.
    • User training on WinMedia software suite, including WinCam, WinPublish, WinNews.
  3. Profile of the Ideal Candidate:
    • Minimum qualifications and experience: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, or 5+ years of radio or technical experience.
    • Specializations: Computer Science, Windows, Debian, SQL.
    • 2-month training on our products.
    • Fluent in technical English and French.
    • Familiarity with Wheatstone, DHD, Axia, Studer, and other consoles.

    Specific Knowledge Requirements:

    • Proficiency in Word, Excel, PHP.
    • Spoken and written English.
    • Valid driver’s license (Class B).

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A php backend developer with React and Symfony knowledge
(La Ciotat / France)

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