WinLogger is a state-of-the-art monitoring and logging solution, tracking audio and video content in hundreds of radio stations and TV channels around the world.

Ideal for broadcasters, networks, cable, satellite, IPTV, media monitoring organizations and government agencies, WinLogger offers a wide set of features to ingest and monitor content from any source and format. Whether audio, tuner, SDI based or IP Streams, all content is ingested, indexed and made immediately available for fast repurposing or for archiving.

Monitoring At Its Best!

WinLogger constantly monitors the presence and quality of broadcasted signals. In the event of an anomaly, the system automatically sends a warning alert and switches to a backup playlist to prevent dead air. Frame accurate, it offers the utmost in performance, flexibility and high-density to ensure that your mission-critical infrastructures are protected for seamless operations. To further simplify troubleshooting and analysis, the interactive tiling module displays all incoming video streams.

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Supports all TS, IP, SDI and ASI signals including DVB-T and DVB-S
  • Best-in-class error detection including audio / video signal loss, audio levels, missing closed captions and logos
  • Alert management
  • Interactive SD or HD video tiling with multiple audio
  • Integration of EPG, As Run log files, and more
  • SNMP support
  • Secured hardware and software architecture to ensure optimum reliability
  • Web-based application accessible from a standard web browser, tablets and mobile phones

Logging & Compliance

WinLogger automatically records all audio and video feeds 24/7 and saves content in any bitrate, any resolution and for any retention period.

  • Full compliance with media regulators requirements
  • Ingests any type of feed: analog/digital/SDI/DVB/IP/ASI/TS
  • Unlimited incoming channels
  • SD and HD support
  • Multiple audio track support
  • Intuitive calendar to schedule recordings
  • Complete overview of recording status
  • Metadata insertion and management
  • Automatic time stamping and naming
  • From 256 Kbps to 136 Mbps recordings
  • Secured hardware and software architecture to ensure optimum reliability

Fast Content Repurposing!

Highly versatile, WinLogger not only gives you the edge to fulfill legal requirements and to increase security thanks to its powerful monitoring module, but it also facilitates and speeds up content re-purposing. Advanced features such as automatic segmentation per show and clip creation maximize the use and value of assets.

Thanks to its web-based and intuitive interface, WinLogger allows users to easily navigate within a timeline, quickly find relevant content, add bookmarks and metadata, create and export clips in any format for sharing within or outside the organization and finally re purpose content in a timely manner – all from a standard web browser or mobile phone!

  • Powerful Media Asset Management platform offering advanced metadata management for more efficient searches
  • Clip creation and export for easy content re-purposing
  • Multi cast and Uni cast support
  • Transfer Multi-site and rebuild of database with ftp “Cut”

Competitive Analysis Made Easy!

WinLogger provides automatic content and advertisement detection, allowing you to efficiently track content and advertisement aired on multiple channels. Offering over 95% accuracy, WinLogger is also the ideal solution for election monitoring and marketing operations follow-up. And thanks to crystal-clear reports, sharing your insights is a breeze.

  • Automatic audio and image recognition
  • Reports and analysis

A Powerful Gateway For Archiving

Developed from the ground up to meet the needs of the broadcast Authorities and media industries, WinLogger is an open platform that boasts integration and support for most archiving systems. Complete interoperability combined with advanced Media Asset Management capabilities create a truly unified environment, foster collaboration and speed up operations.

  • Seamless integration with third-party archiving systems
  • Metadata insertion and management
  • Automatic segmentation per show
  • Automatic time stamping and naming

Why WinLogger?

  • For compliance recording in line with all regulatory requirements
  • To monitor broadcast quality and ensure optimum security
  • To manage all your logging, archiving, rebroadcasting and re-purposing needs from a single platform
  • For competitive analysis
  • To facilitate and speed up content sharing within and outside your organization