Based on SQL, the centralized content library provides ultimate flexibility to satisfy the needs of every type of radio station and make assets available at all times.

Designed for convergence, the library stores all types of multimedia content, including audio, video, images, metadata, rundowns and more.

Unlimited contextual metadata fields, configurable by type of content and users, store a wide variety of information including broadcast rights, music scheduling rules, associated pictures and more. Specific metadata fields can be configured to support your precise distribution needs.

Once ingested, content is immediately indexed and searchable. Powerful search capabilities including keyword search and template search profiles allow users to easily find content.

Scheduling can be time-consuming and tedious. WinMedia Music has been designed from the ground up to make scheduling a breeze. From grid, music and ad scheduling to playlist management, Music offers all the tools you need to effectively build even the most complex broadcast schedules including regional ad insertion, multiple channel management and more – from a single system.

Grid Management

  • Create format clocks for a given period
  • Define starting modes (on time, manual, GPI)
  • Manage multiple sites and channels from a single location
  • Insert regional advertisement blocks
  • Easily insert recurring sounds such as jingles using simple drag & drops
  • Replicate schedules and speed up the scheduling process with copy, cut and paste functions

Music scheduling

Thanks to complex mathematical algorithms, our powerful music scheduling engine helps you generate consistent music logs and offers a wide range of features such as:

  • Rotation constraints
  • Sequencing rules for artists, titles, composers, tempo and more
  • Time slot management
  • Direct access to matching songs for quick replacement
  • Jingles, liners and promo scheduling
  • Music log reconciliation
  • Reporting and statistics

Playlist management

WinMusic automatically generates playlists based on predefined templates, music and ad scheduling. Additional items can be inserted in playlists using simple drag & drops, mixes can be refined and voice-tracks recorded. Additional features such as automatic filling, stretch, and pre-listening give you all the flexibility you need to fine-tune your playlists.

Ideal for networks, WinMedia lets you easily setup local news or advertising breaks.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, radio stations are constantly pressured to adapt to changing market conditions and to the way people consume radio. With an always-increasing number of media platforms, broadcasters need to rely on solutions that can scale up and branch out to include the latest technologies.
WinMedia facilitates fast content delivery to multiple devices.


For small to large-scale organizations, an accessible archive is essential to extend the reach of content through easy and fast repurposing on multiple devices. WinMedia offers a flexible solution, which manages all type of multimedia content, including audio, video and more. Seamless integrations with third-party systems provide control over digital tape libraries and make all your content easily available and findable from any location.


WinMedia offers system operators and administrators comprehensive tools for monitoring and managing the performance of their system. A wide array of features facilitates:

  • User rights management
  • Multi-language management
  • Purge
  • Monitoring