Controlling your media assets and repurposing them for multi-platform delivery in an efficient and timely manner requires a versatile media asset management system, which can be molded to your business requirements. At the core of WinMedia is a Media Asset Management platform, which manages media and metadata across the organization. It also includes tools to share media and metadata, tools to automate processes and human tasks as well as administration and security tools.

Tools to manage and execute workflow

WinMedia minimizes the amount of work needed for day-to-day operations by providing a wide range of backoffice services such as:

  • Automatic transcoding
  • Automatic multi-platform publishing including web, social media, and more
  • Automatic media and metadata transfer between multisite organizations
  • Automatic metadata enrichment

In today’s fast-paced business environment, TV stations are constantly pressured to adapt to changing market conditions and to the way people consume TV. With an always-increasing number of media platforms, broadcasters need to rely on solutions that can scale up and branch out to include the latest technologies. WinPlayout facilitates fast content delivery to multiple devices.

Social Media

WinMedia “Publish” adds an amazing new interactive dimension to TV programs by expertly managing social media content. Offering more than just a straightforward way to publish content on social networks, WinMedia fully integrates user-generated content (UGC) into your workflow by allowing you to easily select posts to be used on your website. Thanks to this innovative tool, capitalizing on UGC and engaging audiences has never been easier.


WinWeb CMS is a WinMedia module for broadcasters looking to extend their potential reach to the Internet and to every device. Including a customizable web template and a mobile application, WinWeb lets your audience bring the channel with them wherever they go. Fully integrated with WinMedia, this solution will make publishing on your website a breeze.

Live Text

Thanks to its Media Asset Management core, WinMedia expertly manages media and associated metadata. Our all-in-one application called WinPublish retrieves all necessary metadata and enables you to manage live text publication, using the XML format, for your TV station or your entire network. Thanks to advanced EPG or EIT feeds and scenarios, it automatically transmits information such as weather, breaking news and more.