Win-OMT Presents the latest WinMedia Visual Radio version at NAB 2019 – Booth #N6819

Since 1984, OMT Technologies Inc. has been a leading provider of radio automation to the broadcast industry. In January 2017, OMT Technologies and WinMedia merged their North American companies to form a strong international provider of software solutions to the radio and television broadcast industries; leveraging the strengths that each organization has developed over many years. This newly merged company, Win-OMT Software continues to offer iMediaTouch and iMediaLogger that have been the flagship products for North America. This combined company now has the ability to further strengthen the product suite by offering new modules to our software such as iMediaTraffic and iMediaSales, based on WinMedia’s Traffic and Sales that have been successfully deployed internationally for many years. As part of the WinGroup, Win-OMT software will continue to develop new and innovative products for the radio industry, with a focus on customer commitment and satisfaction.

At the core of WinMedia solutions is a robust and complete Radio and TV Playout system, which unifies the content chain by expertly managing assets and efficiently covers every aspect of the production and delivery chain including scheduling and advertising.

By incorporating fully integrated tools, Win-OMT solutions deliver end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific requirements of Radio and TV.

WinMedia New Version 18

  • Video Timeline,
  • Voice Track Multi Area,
  • Advanced Mixer,
  • Social Media,
  • New Design

WinSales 3.0

  • Customer Relation Management,
  • Booking Campaigns,
  • Quotations,
  • Billing,
  • Statistics

WinMam 3.0

  • Library Management,
  • Voice Tracking,
  • Scripting News,
  • News Rundown,
  • Prompter

WinLogger 6.0

  • Regional and central site, Recorder
  • Monitoring several radio and Tv,
  • Auto Scan of the content with finger printing,
  • Speech to text with several languages or more,
  • Reporting and Editing for extract and analysis

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