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Win-Europe software will continue to develop new and innovative products for the radio industry, with a focus on customer commitment and satisfaction.

At the core of WinMedia solutions is a robust and complete Radio and TV Playout system, which unifies the content chain by expertly managing assets and efficiently covers every aspect of the production and delivery chain including scheduling and advertising.

By incorporating fully integrated tools, Win-Europe solutions deliver end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific requirements of Radio and TV.

Now Win-Europe propose many new services, like the WinCloud that permits to forget the hardware problems or the new offer WinSafe, that permits to secure your assets by making a backup of your data but also your broadcast.

WinCam version 2.1

  • Camera Auto Switcher,
  • Audio and Gpio detection,
  • Auto production of live Show,
  • Streaming to Facebook or Google Live,
  • Podcasting and TV playout with Graphics

WinMedia Version 18.2 :

  • Video Timeline,
  • Voice Track Multi Area,
  • Advanced Mixer,
  • Social Media,
  • New Design

WinSales version 3.3

  • Customer Relation Management,
  • Booking Campaigns,
  • Quotations,
  • Billing,
  • Statistics

WinMam 3.3

  • Library Management,
  • Voice Tracking,
  • Playlist Management

WinNews 2.1 

  • Scripting News,
  • News Rundown,
  • Prompter

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