WinLogger Streamlines Compliance and Repurposing Operations in South Africa

The Customer

Community radio is a crucial part of the South African broadcasting landscape, providing diversity for listeners and much-needed skills for the commercial radio sector.

Community radio in South Africa began in 1994, when ICASA, the country’s broadcasting authority, began the continuing process of assessing and grating license applications.

The country has now more than 165 community stations, which are, in majority, represented by the National Community Radio Forum.

The Challenge

The National Community Radio Forum looks for a cost-effective and efficient solution that will allow its affiliates to fulfill their legal obligations and facilitate content repurposing.

The solution

For each community radio channel, Soundfusion – WinMedia’s valued distributor in South Africa – deployed a WinLogger solution, which automatically records all audio feeds 24/7 and saves content in the centralized database.

Fully compliant with media regulators requirements, WinLogger allows all radio stations to cost-effectively fulfill their legal requirements.

Highly versatile, WinLogger also facilitates content repurposing. Advanced features such as automatic segmentation per show allow the broadcasters to easily have their content ready for rebroadcasts.